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Live & Interactive classes for Grade 1-10 that too in small batches of 1:6.

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Have the freedom to choose from our wide variety of programs from short duration to long durations


Now you can enroll your kids for the full time home tuitions., Stay safe & Learn fast with world's lowest fee programs.

Computer PrograMming

This is a uniquely designed comprehensive product which introduces a child to the world of Coding offering children the best opportunity to learn Computer Programing Skills at the early age giving them an opportunity to explore their career of their interest. This program offers from beginner to Leader Level with different course period.


We are also the pioneers in teaching all Indian and foreign languages to the kids who stay outside of India and would want to learn their mother tongue and carry the culture and traditions.

Integrated math & Programing

This is a uniquely designed comprehensive product which introduces a child to the world of Programing and Math offering children the best opportunity to learn both coding and math at the early age which are interrelated and giving them an opportunity to choose the career of their interest. This program offers from basic to comprehensive Levels with different course period.

Mini Data Scientist Program for kids

This is a uniquely designed comprehensive e-learning product which introduces a child to the world of Data Science offering children the best opportunity to learn the analytical Skills at the early age giving them an opportunity to explore their career of their interest. This program is offered from Grade 5 to Grade 12 Level with different course period.


we make all the difference, Here's what we do it

You can choose from the range of monthly fee structures, no commitments, pay only for what you take.

A teacher who is already a mother takes a very different & personalized approach in teaching and all our teachers are mothers.

Every child is different and each child’s IQ levels are different, our every teachers understand every child’s needs and help them overcome their shortfalls.

Every class is a test period, we take live assessments during each class making sure that the student has learned what is taught.

Like our approach, every class conducted by Progmetics is live & interactive, where all the doubts are cleared, we make sure there is 100% student-Teacher engagement.

What do parents say about us


Mr.Tauseef,we are extremely impressed & Satisfied by your hindi teacher's knowledge of the subject. She guided RITESH every step of the way in reading hindi & helped him to achieve far better than we expected.
Srikanth Chaitanya
Business Analyst, HYD
Mr.Tauseef, I really applaud your immediate response to the problem, I can see improvement in Rishi's studies, I must say your classes are very engaging & Interactive.
Adarsh Sharma
Software Engineer, BLR
This has been a very good experience for my daughter with Progmetics,She is enjoying her classes especially Programming classes, Your Math Teacher is doing a very good job.
Basudeb Acharya pic
Basudeb Acharya
Software Engineer, USA
Sir, all your teachers are very good. my son has developed interest in the online studies now & he gets ample time now for his outdoor play.
Gurninder ssingh
Batish Guruvinder Singh
Sales Engineer, PUN

Every child is different and definitely needs to learn a number cognitive skills, Sometimes we think our child is doing well and don’t need any assistance, really THINK AGAIN !!! its your child who wants to learn, We as parents we start assuming and pretending to believe that our child is doing well enough.

PROGMETICS EDUCATION gives 40+ grooming session during summers which are absolutely free of cost, Here you child will acquire public speaking skills, improvement in social behavior, improved spellings, best hand-writing. All this is for absolutely no cost, isn’t it amazing.

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Student scores 83%
Class Engagement
Students 90%
Satisfied Parents
Happy customers 98%

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Frequently asked questions

#MakeSuccessAHabit with Progmetics – India’s best small group online tuition classes for all Subjects & Coding for Grades KG to 12! Learning in small groups gives students the perfect learning environment by combining the benefits of learning from peers while getting personal attention from teachers. Small group tuitions have been so effective in achieving academic success for Progmetics’s students every year. 

For the best learning experience, a student needs face-to-face interactions in a small group of their peers with a rockstar teacher who knows how to guide them; interactive content to keep them engaged; a personalised platform that understands their learning needs; AI-powered learning to help improve results; and, of course, classes that are so much fun that students never want to miss them. At Progmetics Education, we have combined all of these to build a classroom for the 21st century that is engaging for students, trusted by parents, and empowering for our tuition teachers.

Progmetics Education is the best learning partner for your child as we go above and beyond any other edtech apps or tuition teachers.

    • Personal attention : Our small classes ensure the perfect balance of peer learning & personal attention from teachers so that every child can learn faster and better, and achieve academic and life success. Progmetics small group classes have a maximum of 6 students in a class. Every student is matched with teachers and batchmates best suited to their learning needs and learning styles using AI-driven algorithms, for targeted improvement while studying together.
    • Top 5% teachers : Only the best teachers make it past our strict 10-point selection criteria. Our teachers focus on marks, but only after there is complete conceptual understanding. They go above and beyond to ensure that students understand the ‘Why and How’, not just the ‘When and What’ of all the subjects they study. Teacher success at Progmetics is also very closely related to student progress. Your tutors will progress only when YOU excel both inside and outside the class.
  • Fun classrooms : To truly #MakeSuccessAHabit, students need to be stimulated outside the classroom as well! We, at Progmetics Learning, completely understand this. While we cover all things related to education and studies within the Progmetics’s class, students have plenty to do in the Progmetics universe outside the classroom as well. They can participate in Progmetics events, talks, hobby clubs, activities, leadership talks, seminars, webinars, workshops, and more, to enhance their personality and boost their confidence. We also give students ample practice in applying to universities abroad by helping them build their personal online resume as they go along. There’s truly never a dull moment for students at Progmetics!

A week at Progmetics Education is fun, exciting and filled with learning! Your child will have 3 classes a week per subject under specific subject program. All subjects classes follow from Monday-to-Friday schedule. Outside of classes, our students have an extensive video library covering all key concepts and an unlimited question bank to keep practising. Progmetics Education is the perfect multi-pronged solution to continue your child’s learning outside of school to make sure they keep learning.

Most of our classes are 50 minutes to an hour long – so we can cover each topic in detail through explanations, videos, games, live quizzes and in-class collaborations AND leave time for questions, support and coaching from our mother teachers.

No, our classes can’t be downloaded. We believe that maximum learning happens when our students and teachers interact. We encourage students to attend all classes and ask lots of questions – which is best done in a small group, live, face-to-face format. However, we have videos and quizzes after every class for practice!

Yes! You may give your batch time preferences and we will do our best to accommodate your child into that slot. Batches are scheduled for one hour, starting at 2:00pm from Monday to Friday and from 10:00 am on Saturdays.

Once this time is fixed it will remain the same. In case you require your batch timings to be changed you can do so by talking to the student advisor.


At Progmetics Education, we believe that homework doesn’t only reinforce concepts but also teaches our students to work independently and responsibly and must help them in their holistic development. After every class, we give personalized homework in the form of videos and quizzes. In case your child has any doubts while doing homework, he/she can ask their teacher for clarity during the live session.

Progmetics Education’s  one-of-a-kind and exceptional classes can be taken on laptop, desktops, Tablets and mobile devices. However, for coding, you will need to use either a laptop or desktop only. And, of course, you’ll need a working WIFI, camera, mic and headphones or speakers

Our classes have a maximum of 6 students –  This small group tuitions class guarantees that every child gets a personalized learning experience and attention from their teacher, for a deeper understanding of concepts and better marks!

It is understandable that you would worry about your child’s screen time. To ensure that no child is overstimulated or tired, we do regular in-class exercises to help them relax and recharge
Our homework quantities and class lengths are also carefully planned and executed to ensure that your child only spends the optimum amount of time looking at the screen. Our education experts don’t believe in burying our students in homework!

Students can earn shrubs based on their performance in Progmetics Education. They earn gems for coming to class, being on time, participating actively in class, submitting projects and doing their homework.

Students can view thier shrubs they’ve earned on the top right corner of their student dashboard homepage (student.progmetics.com). They are then able to redeem their shrubs in the shrubs Store, for cool prizes like masterclasses, Lenovo tablets and a whole lot more!

Progmetics Education hosts dozens of paid and free events for its students and parents. These workshops cover a wide range of topics, focussed on holistic development outside of the school syllabus. The topics covered span developing leadership skills to slam poetry to storytelling sessions to book club and everything in between. Each weekend these in-demand workshops make sure our children are preparing for success both in and out of class.

Progmetics’s advanced AI algorithm matches our students to the teacher we think is best suited for their level and learning style, while also taking into consideration batch preferences. We select the best tutors, as your child deserves the best: Only the top 5% of tutors are selected using a stringent 10-point selection criterion. The success of Progmetics Education’s tutors is directly linked to the success of their students

We are confident that you will LOVE your teacher since all our Progmetics Education’s  teachers are mother Teachers who are rigorously screened with less than 5% acceptance rates. However, if you do not like your teacher you can always change your tutor with the help of your student advisor. Another teacher that is specifically matched to your child based on personality and teaching style will be assigned to them!

Yes, For our all subject format there will be different teachers for different subjects, We use advanced AI algorithms to match your child with the best tutor for their learning level in different subjects. A lot of our teachers are qualified and trained to teach multiple subjects. You may have the same teacher for multiple subjects or you may have different teachers! You can always request a change if there is a particular teacher you like or don’t like – but we guarantee that all our tutors are rockstars!

Our Trail/Demo classes are not just the trail/demo class, we give y0u the access to the live class so that you can know how our classes are conducted and hows the interaction between the student & Teachers. 

The syllabus is mapped to the ICSE and CBSE boards and therefore we will ensure that students cover the same material that they do at school. While our standard academic year starts in April and ends in March of the next year, our advanced algorithm ensures that all lessons are covered regardless of when the student enrolls  with Progmetics Education. Students are encouraged to clear all doubts in class, and they can always reach out to their tutor in case they have a particular issue with a chapter/ lesson covered in class.

Yes, we have different batches for CBSE and ICSE in Math, Science and English with different lessons as each course is mapped to the ICSE and CBSE board respectively so we will cover all topics and learning objectives. Our Coding course is board-agnostic as it focuses on skill-building beyond the classroom.

Once a child is on Progmetics Education, all the resources they need, and more, are on the platform. There’s no need for any additional learning apps, question banks, practice tests or explanation videos. We have videos that cover all key concepts and quizzes for our enrolled students! We also provide NCERT practice question banks with solutions and PDFs of class notes.

We offer upto 2 free classes in total across all subjects, depending on your child’s interests – you can take free trial classes in various subjects as well before you decide to enrol. Sign up for a free class here

Yes, you can! Hurray!!! that’s our another USP, we offer monthly payment options to all.

A PTM is a Parent Teacher meeting that will take place with your child’s tutor. The PTM will be held in our live classroom. During the PTM, your child’s tutor will give you feedback on your child’s performance in and out of the classroom. Your tutor will also analyze your child’s qualities and where their strengths and weaknesses lie and how we at Progmetics Education can help them be successful in whatever field they choose.

PTMs are scheduled with your child’s subject teacher at regular intervals and after major milestones. It will be held during your child’s regular class, so you can discuss your child’s progress in-depth with their tutors.

We will send you class reminders 60 minutes before every class. In case your child may have missed a class, we will send you a message so that you can keep track of their attendance too! In case of more than 2 missed classes, your child’s tutor or academic mentor will contact you.

When your child is assigned a batch and a tutor we will be sending you a message with the relevant details. You can also see all these details on your student dashboard on student.progmetics.com

!!! Early Bird Discount !!! Enroll today to get 10% flat dicsount on the fee till the final exams, Call now @ 974 152 0883 or email to support@progmetics.com
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